Ekaitz's tech blog:
I make stuff at ElenQ Technology and I talk about it


This is Ekaitz Zárraga, a guy born in 19911 who is based in Bilbao.

I studied Telecommunication Engineering (2009-2014)2 in the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao at the University of the Basque Country.

Since then I’ve been working for several companies until I decided to found ElenQ Technology, what at the moment is a one-person company where I work as a Research and Development engineer in my areas of knowledge.

This blog was born as a way to share what I do at my job at ElenQ Technology, my thoughts and my decisions, but it’s also a way to represent the way I work and the things I like. Sometimes, I use this space to share stuff I learned thanks to the R&D projects or as a backlog of what I do.


You can find me in the fediverse at @ekaitz_zarraga@mastodon.social and you can send me an email to hello@elenq.tech.

Me in Astorga

  1. Around the 663350400 Unix timestamp if you need a more reliable source. 

  2. At that time Master’s Degrees were 5 years long.